What is Inner Wisdom? | Do Nothing to Find Freedom and Happiness


We all have inner wisdom embodied within each of us and it is said to guide us through our lives.  But what is inner wisdom?  How do know when we are being guided?

To start us on this journey we have to know what the definition of inner wisdom is

‘a quiet inner voice, hunch or inner knowing, that cannot be turned on when you need counsel. Yet your intuitive mind tells your logic mind where to look next’

Nicole Barton, an inspiring human being,  writer, life mentor focuses her messaging on finding a life you love by embracing simple self re-discovery guiding principles.  The principles are an explanation that underlies everything about life and how it is so different than how we think or have been taught.

In her messaging, we essentially have to ‘Do Nothing’ and let our inner wisdom guide us to find peace and happiness within ourselves. Our inner wisdom will guide us through our challenges and experiences and the only thing we needed to do was to look deep within.



Hmm, at first, I questioned this theory, but I remained curious and open-minded. I had so many questions, I had wondered as I’m sure you are, how can doing nothing lead us to happiness and help us overcome our challenges?  Speaking from my own experiences, childhood trauma, divorce, panic, and anxiety disorder to name a few (ok more than a few) I didn’t believe that I had gotten through those challenges and come this far by doing nothing, that just didn’t sound right.

In my mind, I attributed my current happiness to taking action and working hard to overcome the challenges I was faced with to achieve my goals and successes.

But Nicole’s messaging goes much deeper than this, we are much more than our thoughts and feelings and we are not, nor were we ever broken and therefore, we don’t need fixing. Rather than looking to external avenues to fix ourselves.


“We have everything within us, a natural wisdom that moves us through life”

                            Nicole Barton

Still, wondering about the messaging?  Read on………….



One night while sitting on the sofa, it came to me.  I finally got the messaging.  Doing Nothing and following inner wisdom doesn’t mean we don’t do anything to help ourselves achieve goals and overcome adversity but rather letting our inner wisdom guide us to do what we have to do to find happiness and joy and be the best version of our self and doing that comes with connecting with ourselves I Got It!!

Seeing this messaging in a whole different light really helped to put things into perspective for me.

No matter what our experiences are in our lives we have the ability within ourselves to look deep within, find our inner wisdom and let it guide us through to find freedom and happiness.


Thank you, Nicole Barton!!

What is Inner Wisdom - #Do Nothing


Instead of trying to look for external approaches in an attempt to heal ourselves take a moment every day and allow yourself to be with your thoughts.

Don’t try to fix or change them, simply observe them and know that they are not always true and simply rest in your awareness of your wisdom and allow yourself to reconnect with it.

Instead of taking this time to reconnect with ourselves we so often get swayed into thinking that we need to do something for our self-care externally when in-fact we don’t have to do anything at all.


Are you getting it??  Is it starting to sink in?


The ‘do nothing’ message talks about how we’ve been conditioned to look for answers outside ourselves through external avenues when we truly have all the answers we need to achieve our happiness within us, we’re born with it but somehow tend to forget it’s in there.  We tend to get lost in the messaging that focuses more on fixing ourselves by focusing on self-care externally rather than rediscovering our self.

Be sure that when you’re taking time for yourself you are truly doing something that brings you joy rather than doing it because research says it will make you feel better.  Let your inner wisdom guide you into doing what really brings you joy, this is self-care.

For me, meditation tops the cake.  Taking the time reconnecting with body, spirit, and mind, really does bring me joy and fulfillment and gives me the strength to face challenges that come my way.



We may not feel very thankful during challenging times, but trust me when I say, these are the times where you will learn and experience growth within yourself.

When we are faced with hurt, suffering, and fear these experiences are necessary in order to truly enjoy and appreciate happiness and joy in our lives.  Think about that for that moment, wouldn’t you agree?

Getting through those challenges and feelings provides us with new opportunities to take those experiences and learn and grow.

Take for example, the end of a marriage or a long term relationship.  There is so much stress associated with it, loss, loneliness, worry, hurt, fear and yet we are somehow guided by our inner wisdom to continue pushing through and overcoming adversity by drawing on our resilience, which we all have within us.

Our thoughts create an illusion that creates feelings that become our reality.  When we accept those thoughts and allow them to be there but stay curious knowing they do not define us we truly are following our inner wisdom quite possibly without even realizing it.


What is Inner Wisdom - Open Mind


When we become so fixed on our own beliefs, we don’t allow ourselves to be open to other possibilities.

Therefore, it can be difficult to accept that we have everything we need within us to achieve our wellness and live a life of happiness without seeking external avenues to do this for us.

It’s natural to want to believe what we have known to be our truth but when we step outside our comfort zone and look deeper within ourselves the possibilities are endless.

By taking time every day to re-connect with yourself you will begin to gain self-awareness and recognize that your inner wisdom is guiding you to know what you need to do to care for your body, mind, and soul.

Ensure your self-care routine includes things that bring you joy and fulfillment and that you’re not doing them because you’ve been taught that they will make you feel better.



I use the words self-care, but self-care to me is doing things that bring me joy, not because I’m told that if I do them they will make me feel better but because I truly enjoy them and have a sense of fulfillment in doing them.

Throughout life things always have a way of working themselves out for me, and I could feel it and I knew it instinctively but now I (and I hope you too) can put a name to it ‘inner wisdom’.  It totally makes sense.

My thoughts on ‘do nothing’ is to listen to your inner wisdom by doing nothing and let it guide you to do something.

I’ve become more open to the possibilities that there is something bigger that lies within us.  And taking the time to explore this is definitely worth it.  Whether it be sitting still with yourself in quietness and becoming aware of your thoughts or taking part in a guided meditation, reconnecting with our selves is essential in delving deep within ourselves to find our inner wisdom.

I’ve always had a positive outlook on life and have had to work hard to achieve goals but now I’m gaining a better understanding where that drive to achieve success was coming from.

Re-discovering who we truly are and embracing ourselves is truly an inspiring journey.


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What are your thoughts on the ‘do nothing’ messaging?  Do you agree that everything we need to heal ourselves and find happiness and freedom is within us, are you open to the possibility that delving into yourself and finding your inner wisdom will guide you on your path to wellness?  Leave me a comment below and let me know what your thoughts are, I’d love to them.

12 thoughts on “What is Inner Wisdom? | Do Nothing to Find Freedom and Happiness”

  1. Hi Tracy,

    Thanks for your insights on this topic. I resonate with a lot of what you say, especially on how we already have all the possibilities within ourselves and how thoughts don’t always need too much attention. I do believe meditation is a great tool as well. Overall it’s great you read about your story and how well you have been able to find all that wisdom to leave behind what isn’t useful to create more space for what is. Congratulations on your website!

    • Hi Montse

      Thank you for your kind words. I’m so happy you enjoyed the post and that it resonates with you. For me, meditation is such a great way to reconnect with myself and really delve into my inner wisdom, I’m glad you found some substance to the information I’ve posted here.

      All the best


  2. I loved your article here. A lot of people would have a problem doing “nothing” like I used to. I used to think that doing anything was better than doing nothing. I was wrong. There is nothing wrong with filling our minds with substantive knowledge, however, as long as we can go “inside” our minds and selves to listen to what applies to us and follow. I love this topic and will be following along for more articles.

    Thank you,


    • Hi Brian

      Thank you for your comment. Doing nothing to really delve into ourselves and find our inner wisdom essentially leads us to happiness and freedom, this concept is really coming together for me lately as I’ve been on a mission to re-discover myself. I’m glad the topic piqued your interest and that you enjoyed it.

      All the best


    • Wow! You have such a beautiful mind. Your article is so genuine and I just love the part where you mention “don’t get hung up fixing yourself”
      I normally do this thing to better myself but don’t see any results. It seems you are right. Certain things in life is better leave it as it is. It does of its own. That’s the beauty of it. Your article inspires me. Great job!! Best wishes to your project.

      • Hi Brian

        Thank you for your lovely comment.
        Yes, the more I delve into my inner wisdom I totally agree with Nicole. It’s about accepting who we are and connecting with ourselves and finding that wisdom within us and allow it to lead us to our true freedom and happiness.

        All the best


  3. Great article. Most of us can find great value in this article especially given that we are restricted o our houses like never before.
    Doing nothing will allow us to find more about ourselves.

    Thank you for the great article.

    • Hi Rajith

      Thank you for your comment. Yes given the current times we’re all facing, we can look at this as an opportunity to reconnect with ourselves by delving into our inner wisdom. Having recently put a name to what I somehow knew my entire life has allowed me to look at things from a different perspective and truly look at every situation I am faced with in a positive view and learn and grow knowing that my inner wisdom will guide me through it.

      All the best ~


  4. Hi Tracy, I really enjoyed this article and resonate with everything that you say. I am glad you found meditation as a tool for finding your inner wisdom but can be used for many things.

    We all get lost at times and meditation, although difficult to administer for many can open up a whole new meaning to who we are and what is our mission.

    A few years ago I had what I will call my “spiritual awakening”. Mind-blowing it was and took down a path I would never have thought to go down.

    It took me to meditation and learning how to initiate obes, along with learning and qualifying as a Reiki Master and energy healing. All unbelievable I know, but very real. Reiki alone tells me that we are all connected, and this is proved by distance Reiki that I administer mostly.

    Reiki is “Universal Energy” which as intelligence. Have you not thought about looking into this modality?

    Thank you for sharing, I really enjoyed this post


    • Hi Mick

      Thank you for your comment.
      I too love meditation and will certainly take a closer look into Reiki as it seems like it might be something that I would really enjoy. I believe we are all connected so this form of meditation certainly aligns with my beliefs.

      Thank you for your suggestion

      All the best


  5. Hello Tracy

    I just wanted to tell you that it was a great article. I learned some new things and I also related to somethings. I can relate to the self-care routine I need to do more stuff that makes me happy. I am going to take what I have learned and use it to rediscover my self. Thank you for your insight, I am going to send some of my friends to this article and I am sure they will enjoy it as well.


    • Hi Alisha

      Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the article. It’s important to incorporate things that bring us joy into our self-care routine, and not get hung up on doing things to fix ourselves because we’ve been taught that they will make us feel better. This is the key and if we shift our mindset by allowing our inner wisdom to guide us, the possibilities are endless.

      Thank you for your kind words

      All the best



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