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Weighted blankets have become extremely popular over the past 10 years to help deal with anxiety and help with maintaining overall good mental health.  This wellness product is also known to be used as a tool within many therapy treatment sessions.   These blankets are intended to mimic deep pressure treatment that releases melatonin, serotonin, and dopamine into the body giving you a relaxing, happy, and secure feeling.

In this mosaic weighted blanket review, I’m going to delve deeper into the effects this blanket can have on a person’s overall well- being and if a blanket can really reduce anxiety symptoms and provide a calmness and relaxation feeling.

PRODUCT: Mosiac Weighted Blanket Weighted Blankets - Variety

PRICE: $177.00 (U.S Dollar)

RETURN POLICY: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (Clearance and Custom Items are not returnable)




To grasp a better understanding of how this blanket works we need to know how the blanket is made.

Mosiac offers many different quality fabrics and styles suited to everyone’s needs and preferences. BPA free hypoallergenic plastic pellets and polyfills are evenly distributed throughout each patch of the blanket giving it an even weight distribution. You will find that many weighted blankets are made with either glass or plastic pellets however Mosaic uses the plastic hypoallergenic pellets for its product.

When the blanket is used it provides a gentle pressure over the body that is said to cause a reduction in cortisol, the stress hormone in the body and releases other chemicals into the body such as oxytocin, melatonin, and serotonin which provide a feeling of relaxation, happiness, and security.  The Mosaic Weighted Blanket Review - BPA Free Pelletsblanket is said to give the sensation of being hugged and feeling protected which creates a feeling of calmness.





Originally introduced for sensory integration therapy to help people with autism, the weighted blanket has since become popular for just about anyone helping them improve their overall wellbeing.  It mimics deep pressure treatment, this treatment is where pressure is used to help someone who may need an intervention if they are feeling stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed.

There hasn’t been a lot of studies done on weighted blankets but the studies that have been completed have shown that it has positive benefits as you can see I’ve listed below:

  • Shown to improve quality of sleep – if you suffer from insomnia the weighted blanket is said to provide you with a night of restful sleep.
  • Helps with relaxation – it reduces cortisol in our bodies (the stress hormone) and increases serotonin and melatonin which gives us a feeling of happiness, safety, and security.
  • Relieves discomfort – weighted blankets are used for those suffering from restless leg syndrome
  • Relieves stress – lowers blood pressure and cortisol levels in the body
  • Encourages a healthy well being and contributes to overall good mental health (reduces blood pressure, increases serotonin and reduces anxiety)

Mosaic Weighted Blanket Review - Benefits


While the weighted blanket is not intended to replace medical treatment or therapy, studies have shown that it can assist as an additional tool for ongoing therapy.

The blanket was originally used in therapy to treat, ADHD, insomnia, PTSD, and restless leg syndrome but has since become known for the treatment of many anxiety disorders and has helped thousands of people with relaxation.



If you’re a sufferer of chronic pain, the weighted blanket is also known to temporarily help alleviate chronic pain brought on by a number of issues.  Here are a few examples of how the blanket can provide support.

FIBROMYALGIA – is a disorder that can produce extreme musculoskeletal pain and tenderness, with fatigue, memory, mood, dizziness, hypertension, nausea, and sleep deprivation as side effects.  As it affects your muscles and even your skeletal system, it can sometimes be misdiagnosed.

While the weighted blanket cannot cure fibromyalgia it can help increase serotonin levels by applying little pressure and once the serotonin levels increase, sufferers may experience less fatigue.

NEUROPATHY – affects the peripheral nerves and is said to be extremely painful and usually brought on after surgery, genetic diseases, immune diseases, viral infections, endocrine, and chemotherapy.

Weighted blankets can help alleviate the pain associated with these conditions.

PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – a traumatizing event that has occurred leaving long-lasting psychological effects on a person which has an impact on their sleep, mental health, and wellness.

Given that the blanket mimics deep pressure treatment, it releases serotonin, melatonin, and dopamine which creates a sense of relaxation and comfort which may help with symptoms of PTSD.

RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME – this is a neurological disease that can cause extreme pain in the legs. RLS causes exhaustion and sleepiness which can greatly affect one’s mood, concentration, and work performance.   The added weight and deep touch pressure on one’s legs can relieve some of the pain brought on by RLS.



When selecting the blanket that is right for you there are three decisions you will need to make to ensure you get the right blanket for you.


Choosing the right fabric is important if you like to be cool while you sleep you’ll want to choose cotton, and if you like it really cool Mosaic carries a patented cooling fabric know as the Cool Max.

The Minky fabric (100% Polyester) is a soft plush fabric and is for those who like it hotter when they sleep.

The antimicrobial fabric line is comfortable and great for hospitals or institutions and can withstand multiple launderings.


You’ll want to ensure that you select a weight that is 10% of your body weight to get the full benefits of the blanket.

Glass beads are a little heavier than the plastic pellets.  Plastic pellets tend to be a little bigger and the blanket is bulkier.

Something to keep in mind with weighted blankets is that they are not intended to hang over your bed – they are meant to fit the top of your mattress size.

Some reviewers have commented that the blanket doesn’t fit their bed properly, but because of the weight of the blanket and how it’s made, it wouldn’t have the same effect if the weight was being pulled to the sides or bottom of your bed.


Weighted blankets come in a variety of colors and patterns for every consumer’s preference.



When deciding to purchase a weighted blanket you’ll need to keep in mind the following

Know where the product is made – blankets are not all made equally by companies, some are imported from China and are made with cheap and toxic material causing ineffectiveness and safety concerns, do your homework and ensure the manufacturer is creating the product in a country that regulates materials and quality. The Mosaic Blanket - Review

Weighted blankets are a little different than your everyday blanket, you will need to swaddle yourself with the blanket to get the therapeutic effects from it rather than just draping it over yourself and letting it hang. Wrapping it around yourself provides that deep pressure technique known to reduce anxiety, create relaxation, and reduce pain.

Most weighted blankets on the market require dry-cleaning so you’ll have to consider if the added expense and additional care is something you’ll be ok with. Mosiac, however, does offer a machine-washable blanket.

The weight of the blanket is very important. The blanket should not be more than 10% of your weight for effectiveness. Weight will differ for everyone as some will like a heavier blanket while others may be more at ease with a lighter blanket, it’s all about your preference.



Here are what customers are saying about Mosaic weighted Blankets

Anna G.

Verified Buyer

5 star rating


“The best gift you’ve ever given me”

“I got a Mosaic weighted blanket for my husband as a Christmas gift. He is now obsessed with it. It has completely changed how he sleeps. He’s able to fall asleep quickly and sleep deeply through the night. It’s been great for me too, because he used to toss and turn and wake me up, but no more. He recently told me, “that blanket was the best gift you’ve ever given me”


Mark F.

Verified Buyer

5 star rating


Helps reduce stress for kids

“My daughter has this one. She loves it. After school when she feels overwhelmed from school work or social anxiety, she cuddles under the blanket for a rest. She feels so much better after.”


Stephanie S.

Verified Buyer

5 star rating


So well made

“I have never slept better since buying my weighted blanket. This is the only brand I have found that does not make me hot during the night.
I also bought one for my college age daughter whom started having sleep trouble. Problem solved! She loves hers as well.”


Katie H.

Verified Buyer

5 star rating


Awesome weighted Blanket!

“Keeps me cool at night and Helps my anxiety at night so I can fall asleep faster. Thank you!!”

Amazon Customer

Verified Buyer

1 star rating


Not sure I would Buy Again

“I felt it was too heavy”

Amazon Customer

Verified Buyer

1 star rating


Not pleased at all

“Very small, felt cheap. i was not happy”


  • Handmade and custom sewn with quality material
  • Variety of weight, designs, and sizes available
  • Made with BPA-Free Hypoallergenic, FDA compliant pellets
  • 30-night sleep trial
  • Free shipping on orders over $149.95 (U.S Only)




  • Blankets over 12lbs cannot be machine washed
  • Blankets can seem pricey given that they’re hand made and with quality material
  • Some customers have complained that they can hear and feel the pellets too much through the shell


Studies have shown that weighted blankets can improve our overall wellbeing and have many benefits that contribute to therapy techniques.

Before purchasing a weighted blanket, do your research and ensure that you are choosing the right weight and size and ensure to take advantage of the 30-day sleep trial that Mosaic offers its customers.   Be sure to use the blanket the way it’s recommended by wrapping around your body to get that swaddling effect.

Having a weighted blanket around the house or on a trip may benefit anyone experiencing anxiety or stress.


CLICK HERE to learn more about the Mosiac Weighted Blanket

Have you used a weighted blanket before?  What was your experience?  Leave me a comment below.








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    • Hi,
      Thank you for your feedback. I’m glad you found the review informative. Weighted blankets have certainly become popular when dealing with any kind of disorder that causes anxiety and stress. While additional studies continue to be done on the benefits of weighted blankets the few studies that have been completed have certainly shown that there are positive effects to using the blanket.

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  1. Hi Tracy,

    If this blanket could ease the sleeplessness, I would get one ASAP to alleviate my situation. I am always sleeping light and feeling tired the next day so that I might try your recommendation. I also love that you share those feedback from real customers, which shows a good reputation about this mosaic weighted blanket. The best part is that they do offer a 30-night sleep trial, how generous this company is!


    • Hi Matt,

      Yes throughout my research I’ve definitely found Mosaic to be one the top manufacturers for weighted blankets. They’re known for their quality and customer satisfaction. There are plenty of benefits to a weighted blanket and although there hasn’t been a large number of studies done to further clarify, the few studies that have been completed have certainly shown positive outcomes for anyone suffering from insomnia, anxiety, or sensory disorders. It’s definitely worth checking out.

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  2. This is a great article on a great product. Whoever thought of it first and made it, deserves to be mentioned in thanksgivings of many people using it, especially, as they really help with many conditions that you mentioned, as well. We purchased it for my dad, who suffers from mild dementia, but has already had major problems with sleeping. Since we have the blanket (not exactly Mosaics, but…) that we bought for dad, and made a mistake with the weight, now his grandson has the original one (who is 23 and loves it) and we bought another one for dad. He’s been using it for almost half a year now and it greatly helps with his sleeping issues. Oh, and I recently bought one for myself, too… 🙂

    • Hi Minaher

      I appreciate your feedback. People using these blankets have had such positive results in their overall wellness and would make a wonderful gift for anyone. I’m glad to hear your family has had such great success with the weighted blanket.

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