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With everything we’re challenged with in our lives today, turning off the outside world temporarily while we reconnect with ourselves is something we all should be thinking about. Taking a moment to reconnect with ourselves is so very important in order to maintain our overall wellness.

Studies show that meditation can help reduce stress and anxieties, increase self-awareness, emotional wellbeing and eliminate negative thoughts and much more. In this Muse S review, I’m going to provide details on what this product is intended to do and how it works. 

As a Muse owner myself, I am amazed at the capabilities and realtime data that can be retrieved from the headband.  

I’m a big believer in meditation having a huge impact on my wellness, and if you were to tell me I’d be saying this 10 years ago, I wouldn’t have believed it for one minute.   I was one of those people who thought meditation was hokey pokey.

Having been through some pretty challenging experiences and deciding to give meditation a try was absolutely the best decision I’ve ever made.  Honestly, it has enhanced my life tremendously,

Muse is consistently upping their game to ensure it’s users are getting the best experience when it comes to reconnecting with yourself and focusing on wellness.


Product: Muse S

Price: $449.99 (CAN)

Meditation App Subscriptions: $17.49/monthly or $124.99 (CAN)

Where to Purchase: CLICK HERE

Warranty: 365 Days

Refund/Cancellation Policy: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (if you don’t see results)



Muse S is a comfy multi-sensor headband device that provides real-time feedback on your brain activity during meditations.

It’s an EEG device widely used by neuroscience researchers around the world. It uses advanced processing to interpret your mental activity to help guide you by translating your brain activity into sounds of weather to keep you calm and relaxed.

Muse S measures your brain activity, heart rate, breathing, body movement, and biosensors to give you real-time feedback on your meditation session.  It has the capability to let you know when you are in the ‘zone’.

If you’re a reports fan, or like charts you’re in luck. The Muse app provides a report that outlines your meditation session on how you did moment to moment allowing you to track your progress with each session, we explore more about this later in the review.

Muse S has packed a lot of technology into a lightweight, rechargeable pod with a battery life of 10 hours, that’s a full night’s sleep.



There are many features that are similar between the Muse 2 and the Muse S and both versions accomplish the same goal however take a look at how Muse S has been developed for a more comfortable user-friendly experience.

  • The ‘Go -To-Sleep” Journey (lulls you to sleep while melting away your busy day) session is unlocked with Muse S
  • It has an increased battery lifetime (10hrs)
  • It weighs less than Muse 2 at only 41g
  • Made with breathable fabric material for a more comfortable experience
  • Gold Sensors allow for a more in-depth experience

Watch the video below for a demonstration of Muse S


THE MUSE APP {Your Personal Meditation Assistant}

When you purchase the Muse S, download the free Muse app onto your mobile device.  This app works in conjunction with the EEG hardware giving you real-time feedback on your changing mental state.

It translates your brain activity into weather sounds

  • If your brain is calm and settled you will hear calm and peaceful weather
  • When your brain is active the weather gets louder

There are different soundscapes to choose from within the app. Which only makes sense as what calms one person may not necessarily calm another.  You can choose from the beach, rainforest, the city or the park.

Speaking from my own experience, I attempted the city sounds which didn’t work out so well for me at ALL, my mind was very active and I couldn’t manage to bring it back to a calming state for than a few seconds at a time….sirens, traffic and horns are not my ideas of relaxation, but hey, I have a family member who lives in the city and can’t relax without those sounds, so it really does just depend on the person.

In order for me to achieve calmness, I need the sounds of the rainforest. The pitter-patter of raindrops falling on the trees and leaves is absolutely hypnotic.  I might need to take a break soon to go meditate 😉

You can tailor your meditation style based on your needs that suit you to achieve a relaxing session by choosing your favorite soundscape (options listed above) and meditation experience that provides you guidance as you learn to sit, breathe, focus and feel your own body.

The app allows you to track and measure your progress by viewing your entire session at once and provides you with a score based on your session

Find out the total amount of time you were in a calm state throughout your session

Get tips on how to improve your overall score

Set personal goals and challenge yourself to increase your score and remain calm for longer periods throughout your sessions.

At the end of every session you can reflect and record notes about your session, notes can be entered in all languages, but meditation sessions are in English only.  You can record how you were feeling throughout your experience OR if you don’t feel like writing an essay you have the option to choose an emoji that best suits your mood.

You can review past entries from past sessions and monitor your progress daily.

There are 300+ free guided meditations that you can access when you download the Muse app. If you are looking to unlock new content releases each week and have access to several hundred more meditations you can subscribe for a monthly fee of $17.49/month or $124.99/year (CAN).

Subscribers have access to much more content and new and upcoming features that are said to be coming in late 2020, details of these new features have not been provided at the time of this review.


The Go-To-Sleep Journey content is embedded within the Muse app however can only be unlocked with the Muse S headband.

This content was developed by world-renowned meditation instructors and is intended to help you move from a busy day into a more relaxed calming state to put you into a deep restorative sleep.

English content only with the Go-To-Sleep Journey for Muse S users



muse s review (3)



There are many advantages to this new technology

  • Improves sleep, performance, stress, creativity and much more to increase overall wellness
  • The go-To-Sleep session is unlocked with Muse S
  • Extremely light and comfortable to wear
  • 2 free meditating courses included
  • Start your own personal library and track your mood and results
  • 10-hour battery life allows usage while asleep throughout the entire night
  • 365-day warranty
  • Free shipping and money-back guarantee



  • The Muse app including the Go-to-Sleep session is in English language only
  • Can be a little pricy for the average consumer
  • Need to pay a monthly subscription fee to unlock additional medication sessions and special features



You can subscribe to the Muse news and get access to exclusive offers and all things muse, neuroscience and meditation.

You can sign up to Muse Community Forum where you will be able to access support on pretty much anything having to do with your Muse products.  In addition, you can take part in ongoing discussions regarding everything from feedback, meditation fundamentals, brain wave neuroscience and contests and challenges.  You’re also able to join in on live chats.

If you’re a Facebook user you can also join the Muse Facebook group where you are able to chat about all things Muse there too.

Muse has provided several opportunities to be able to connect with others, and share experiences, ask questions and seek guidance and support.




Being fairly new to the market and having only been available to consumers as of January 2020 there are minimal reviews on the Muse S version.   Take a look at what some reviewers are saying,

**“ Last night I tried my new Muse S and I ended up having the most restful sleep that I’ve had in months. I truly was at my wit’s end and feeling completely sleep-deprived up until this morning. I slept so hard I didn’t even wake up in the middle of the night when my husband got a phone call – I was just amazed! I’ve done other sleep meditations, but what I loved about this was the biofeedback sounds – I really felt like I was immersed in my meditation. It was so relaxing and it helped me stay focused which I usually struggle with when meditating. So excited to add this to my toolkit for when I need to get a good night’s sleep!”


**“I think this product has a lot of potential but they just seem to focus on the wrong details. I bet they spent more money on the boxes this came in than the headband itself. That’s another thing, this came in two fancy expensive separate boxes for storage. So now I have two boxes for one product? I am very disappointed overall with this product and probably will not get much use out of it because the headband being so tight and the audio not being very well orchestrated. I will give them some credit because the breath modes do work great and I do enjoy those modes. But none of the “relaxing” modes do it for me. I don’t think this is worth $250 to also have to use my Bluetooth headphones with this. “


**” Drops connection too easily. Nothing relaxing about recalibrating multiple times during a session. And trying to keep it connected while laying down is even harder.”


**” I LOVE the Muse S! It is incredibly comfortable, and I love how it tracks my brain activity, heart rate (this is especially important for me since I have an elevated heart rate and need to keep track of it), breath and body movements. Being able to track all these things helps immensely in improving and deepening my meditation practice. I can’t recommend the muse enough!”

Muse Headband - Feature Picture



Meditation has certainly been taken to a new level when it comes to technology.  Being able to actually gain access to our brain activity in real-time while in the comfort of our own home is a magnificent accomplishment.

Muse S Headband has the capability to do just that.  It’s been recognized among the press such as “New York Times’, ‘CNN’, ‘The O Magazine’ and many more.

Meditation has been proven to enhance our overall wellness and provide us with an opportunity to reconnect with ourselves and Muse S can be used seamlessly from daytime use to bedtime.

Meditation can improve an individual’s performance, stress, sleep, creativity, and much more and now an avid meditator myself, I can absolutely attest to this from my own experiences.  CLICK HERE to learn more about the Muse S Meditating headband.

Leave me a comment below and let me know if you meditate and if you’ve tried any of the Muse versions.

8 thoughts on “Muse S Review”

  1. Hey,

    This is a great article. At the moment, lots of people all around the world are having a lot of negative thoughts due to the coronavirus. But, we are also having negative thoughts with staying at home and our mental health is deteriorating.

    This headband can definitely help people at this moment in time. I have forwarded your post to some friends and family as I think this could benefit them too.

    If they purchase the headband then I have advised to give you their opinion with a comment, and if they have any questions then they are to contact you.

    Thank you for sharing, and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    • Hi Tom

      Thank you for your comment. I couldn’t agree with you more, I couldn’t imagine my life without meditation and especially with everything going on in today’s world. It allows me to reconnect with myself and keeps me grounded. I love my Muse headband, I’m always setting weekly challenges for myself and the progress I’ve made training my brain to remain calm and focused is absolutely phenomenal. I’m glad you found the article helpful and that you’ve shared it with others whom you think may benefit from giving it a try.

      All the best


  2. I actually never knew something like the Muse device existed.
    I’ve really been trying to learn more and get better at meditation the last 6 months or so.
    My only concern is the price. The initial cost is pricey but I could justify it.
    The monthly subscription is what scares me. Is the monthly subscription necessary? How much value do you get from it?
    I’m wondering if I could get away with just the headband by itself.

    • Hi Lee
      Thank you for your comments and questions. With everything going on in our world meditation can really help to keep us grounded and connected to ourselves. If you are looking for something a little more cost-efficient you should check out my Muse 2 review. Muse 2 is less expensive and you can reap all the benefits that Muse S offers.
      A monthly subscription is not necessary, the muse app is free to download and you have access to 100+ free meditations. The benefits of a subscription is having access to several hundred, well of 300+ more guided and individual sessions. And new sessions are added each week.
      You could very well just purchase the headband and download the free muse app to sync your headband too and start accessing all the free sessions offered without the subscription.

      I hope I have answered your questions, and please feel free to reach out if you have other questions

      All the best


  3. Hi and thanks for this great review,
    At the moment, with the lockdown situation I think it’s so important to focus on mental health.
    Although this seems like the ultimate product, do you know any other similar products with a lower price tag?

  4. At this point in time, the majority of people are stressed and overthinking about too many different things, i.e., our jobs, the economy, our future, etc. This has immense pressure on many households and many countries or governments. We need something like this to help us calm down and the thing about our health also. Thank you for the informative post.

    • Hi Lucky

      Thank you for your comment. I couldn’t agree with you more, staying connected to ourselves during times of chaos can really ground us and allow us to re-discover who we really are, and help us not to panic. It’s so important that we take time for ourselves and I’ve found that my Muse headband allows me not only to stay grounded but I love the fact that it allows me to provide goals and challenges too. It really has been beneficial to me, not only in crazy times but also in calming times as this is when I can really delve deep into my inner wisdom

      All the best



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