Can You Really Find Wellness in a Box? | Monthly Box Subscription Review

Who doesn’t love a surprise? Well, I’ll be the first one to admit, I love getting presents. Getting gifts can make us feel like a kid again on Christmas morning. The excitement comes from the unknown item(s) that awaits us inside the wrapped package.

So, can getting presents help to achieve our overall wellness?  Can you really find wellness in a box?  Bombay and Cedar have put together a beauty, wellness and self care aromatherapy lifestyle box that can be shipped directly to your home monthly.

What better way to delve into self care than with a gift each month full of wellness products valued at over $120 for only $49.95/month. You can discover new essential oils, high quality vegan, cruelty-free beauty and wellness products each month, and the best part is that you get a present every month.

Monthly subscription boxes are becoming more and more popular, however how do you know which one is right for you.  I’m going to help make things a little clearer for you when it comes to the Bombay and Cedar’s Luxury Wellness Lifestyle in a Box.


PRODUCT: Bombay and Cedar Luxury Wellness Lifestyle in a Box

PRICE: Premium Box Subscription $49.95/month | Mini Box Subscription $29.95/month –     monthly subscription costs decrease the more months subscribed to at once


CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancel at anytime, no contract required

MY RATING: 8 out of 10



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Each month a theme is chosen for the box, the items in the box are associated with that theme. You can click here to see this year’s themes and what items were included in each box for each month.

Items included in the wellness box can range from,  journals, water bottles, cosmetics, scarves, essential oils (2 oils in every box), diffusers and skin care products to name a few of the items. You just never know what surprises await.

The box is targeted for women and their wellness however occasionally there are specialty boxes targeted toward men which are ‘limited edition’ boxes.


The two options for subscription purchase are the premium box subscription which items included are valued at over $120 and the mini box subscription which items are valued at over $65.

Subscription length ranges from one month to 12 months and the more months you subscribe to at once the less per month you will pay. Subscriptions can be canceled at anytime.

Premium Box Subscription Mini Box Subscription
1 Month: $49.95/month

3 Months: $48.95/month

6 Months: $47.95/month

12 Months: $46.95/month

1 Month: $21.95/month

3 Months: $29.45/month

6 Months: $28.95/month

12 Months: $25.45/month

Premium Box Shipping Costs Mini Box Shipping Costs
U.S. A – $6.95/box

CAN – $16.95/box

International – $23.95/box

U.S. A – $5.95/box

CAN – $12.95/box

International – $17.95/box



Once you are signed up for a store account online, you can begin to collect rewards within the BC (Bombay and Cedar) rewards program immediately. You earn an automatic 100 ‘welcome points’ for creating your account online and then earn additional points by purchasing subscriptions or referring friends. You can redeem your rewards toward discount codes and use them toward future purchases.

Here’s a look at the reward system

Get Rewards Earn BC Points

$5 off 500 BC Points
$10 off 1,000 BC Points
$15 off 1,500 BC Points
$25 off 2,500 BC Points
$50 off 5,000 BC Points
$75 off 7,500 BC Points
$100 off 10,000 BC Points


Looking for that perfect gift for a friend that promotes wellness? You can purchase the box one time as a gift where a subscription is not required to be purchased.

Boxes need to be ordered by the 15th of the current month and are shipped between the 16th – 22nd of each month and renews when the subscription expires.

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1) Vegan, cruelty-free, quality beauty and wellness products

2) 2 essential oils are included in every box

3) Value of products included in the box exceeds what you’re actually paying for the box

4) Subscription can be canceled at anytime (so long as the box for month hasn’t been already shipped out – between the 16th – 22nd of the month)

5) No contract


1) Shipping costs are a little pricey for Canada and internationally

2) BC points accumulated expire within 12 months of the year in which they were earned (eg. all points earned from Jan 2019 – Dec 2019 will have to be redeemed by December 2020) and when the points are redeemed for reward discount codes, the discount codes expire after 6 months.

3) The product is only targeted for men in limited editions


Here are what some people who have purchased the wellness box are saying about their purchase:

“ High quality items, no filler, wonderful curation with a wide variety of items”

“I love the different theme each month. It is obvious that the creators of this box take great care in curating its contents.”

“All the items have been of high quality and very unique”

“This box is definitely worth the price!”


Because this is considered a luxury wellness box and I agree that the products are well worth the value, the monthly subscription cost may be unrealistic for most budgets.

Let’s be real, if we wanted the premium box at $46.95/month + shipping ($16.95/Canada) + HST the average monthly cost for me (living in Canada) would be approx. $70.00/month. Multiply that over 12 months = $840.00/year.

It’s a little out of my price range for a yearly subscription for me personally, I’d have to not treat myself for the rest of year having purchased the 12-month subscription, 6 months is more manageable.

I would recommend putting this item your Christmas list and asking for the yearly subscription whether it be the premium box at approx. $840/year (in Canada) or the mini box subscription at approx. $600/year (in Canada) this way you’re sure to get a present every month, it’s like the gift that never ends.

Better yet, if you’re just not quite sure, you can order the box for one month and determine if it’s the right gift for you.  You can do that now by clicking the picture below.

Can You Really Find Wellness in a Box? - Image

Leave me a comment below and let me know if this something you’d purchase for your wellness. How much to do you spend on self care in one month’s time? Would it be the equivalent to month’s subscription to the luxury lifestyle wellness box?

12 thoughts on “Can You Really Find Wellness in a Box? | Monthly Box Subscription Review”

  1. I too love gifts, and this box with it’s surprise items included sound like it would be very exciting to find out what’s included for the month. By being cruelty free products and with a focus on wellness, what’s not to like! It would be like giving yourself a self care wellbeing gift on a monthly basis. What a fabulous way to prioritise yourself. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I would be very happy to get a surprise gift every month. I used to order the flower gift box, now I can give myself another surprise with the wellness boss which is vegan and with the essential oils. Very good idea for self-care, thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Tracy,
    I’m very happy I found this page, as I am looking for the perfect gift for my spouse! And it is just so hard for a man, sometimes… :p But your review made it a lot easier! Especially when you list the pros here: My spouse is a vegan, and animal-cruelty is an important issue to her, so this kind of product would suit her needs perfectly!

    Thanks again for all the tips and guidance here!


    • Hi Joachim

      Thank you for feedback. I’m sure your spouse would love this box as it seems like it would be a good fit. Bombay and Cedar certainly put some thought into this amazing idea, and I absolutely love the monthly theme concept.

      I’m glad that my review was helpful, if you decide to purchase the box for your spouse, leave me a comment and let me know what she thought.

      Thanks Again


  4. This is a rather interesting gift! Honestly, I have headache every time I need to buy gifst for birthdays and occasions like Christmas. This is especially true when it comes to choosing gifts for close family or friends, whom I have already been buying gifts every year, and am beginning to run out of ideas!
    As the people around me are quite health conscious, buying them edible related items such as chocolates is a NO NO!

    I think I might give this subscription box a try since I have many friends whose birthdays are in October and November. It will be a unique gift as they will not be able to find it locally!

    Thank you so much for the recommendation! I will check it out!

    • Hi Lynn

      Thanks for your feedback. I agree, this gift would a fantastic, unique gift that could be useful for many. I hope you give it a try and leave me some feedback on your purchase experience.
      Finding the perfect give for those health conscious people in our lives can certainly be a challenge, I have a few of them in my life as well. This is certainly one I’m considering for my peeps too.

      All the best


  5. I feel the smell of cider and Bombay in between of your post’s paragraphs :), we are always looking for the easiest way to get awareness, and you are offering it in a simple way and cheaply plan to reach across USA, CA and worldwide.


  6. I love this idea of giving yourself a gift every month. I’m all for vegan products and promoting self care. The boxes look really pretty and would make great presents too. It seems really great value as well.
    Thank you for sharing!

    • Hi Deb

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. I too love the thought of getting a gift every month and being that the products received are all connected to self-care is such a bonus!! I’ve purchased a few of these boxes over the holiday season for a few special people in my life.

      Thanks again for commenting

      All the best


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